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10 Best Canadian Winter Jackets Brands in 2021

  1. Arctic Bay

    Of course, we at Arctic Bay will always see ourselves as #1, but anyone who buys one of our incredible Canadian-made winter jackets or parkas will agree. Our brand takes pride in designing truly stunning winter parkas for freezing temperatures, with an emphasis on Canadian expertise for creating garments that stand strong against terrible winters. We use the highest quality of fabrics, coyote and beaver fur trims, leather accents and high fill-power down insulation, and everything in our catalog is crafted right here in Canada.


    We also have something for everyone- men, women and children, including a list of luxury accessories. Needless to say, we believe we earn a high spot on anyone’s top 10 list!

  2. Canada Goose

    Along with Arctic Bay, Canada Goose is probably one of the most recognizable jacket brand when it comes to down jackets. Originally named Metro Sportswear Ltd when it started in 1967, Canada Goose is well-known for its down parkas and jackets. It rose to fam largely due to an active marketing strategy focused on big name celebrity endorsements and movie sponsorships. Like Arctic Bay, Canada Goose is known for quality materials, and it still made right here in Canada.

  3. Mackage

    Mackage is a well-known Canadian brand founded on the simple philosophy that “outerwear is an integral element of fashion”. Not only do they put a focus on using high quality materials in each piece, but their designs are quite unique. Whether you are looking for a minimalist jacket, or a more eye-catching and robust parka, the Mackage line has some interesting options. However, this is one of the Canadian brands on this list that has largely moved production to China.

  4. Wuxly

    Wuxly has a claim to fame not only for stylish jackets, but also for the brand’s efforts to do right by mother earth. This is a vegan brand was born from a fruitless search to find an outwear brand entirely animal-free and also made in Canada. Wuxly is also regarded for the brand’s involvement in many charities that help out animals and also involved in extensive research on fully sustainable fabrics that can live up to down and fur.

  5. Rudsak

    Rudsak is focused on a particular brand of outerwear elegance, using the highest quality leathers, fabrics, and furs. Something unique to the Rudsak brand is also their trims, as there are options in more than one color, which is something that we have rarely come across in parkas. Their catalog also consists of plenty of accessories and even footwear, but Rudsak is another brand on this list that kept the Canadian name, but moved a lot of production overseas.

  6. Kanuk

    Kanuk is a Montreal brand with a philosophy very similar to that of Arctic Bay’s when it comes to creating Canadian winter jackets and parkas- “they should be made in the climate for which they were created.” With jackets designed to be both practical and protective, Kanuk is a brand that also appreciates the importance of being able to withstand the harshest Canadian winters.

  7. Outdoor Survival Canada Cross

    The Outdoor Survival Canada Cross line was designed for making down jackets accessible during milder weather and not solely for harsh and cold temperatures. Their products are still Canadian-made with some of highest quality on this list.

  8. Aritzia

    Aritzia is a women-only line of products, so not everyone will benefit from their wide range of outdoor wear, from summer clothing to heavy winter coats. Aritzia outerwear such as winter coats and vests are modern, selling in-house brands, within which can be found a variety of jacket styles and other clothes, ranging in warmth, weight and length.

  9. Quartz Co

Quartz Co. is a premium Canadian brand for winter parkas founded in 1997, known for very modern designs. Their catalog offers many well-insulated winter coat options, and their parkas are regarded as long-lasting and stylish, with various lengths, weights and pocket arrangements to fit a number of needs. Made right in Canada, this brand has earned its place on this list.

  1. Nobis

Nobis is another high-end, luxury brand of jackets and winter coats, with prices ranging from $700 to $1200 on a number of pieces. Nobis boasts some substantial weather protection, while also offering a number of lightweight and aesthetically unique designs, so you can enjoy them in nature or out on the town. The brand is present in over 40 countries, and is one of the brands on this list who has found new home for much of its production outside of Canada in China.


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