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4 Benefits of a Canadian Made Winter Coat

4 Benefits of a Canadian Made Winter Coat

What is Unique about Canadian Brands?

For many of us, we find more comfort in purchasing a product when we know it came from a local business or tradesperson in our community. We like knowing that our purchase is contributing to growth in our own area, and truthfully it can feel like you’re part of something that only the locals really understand. Whatever your reasons are, if you’re buying Canadian winter jackets then you are choosing quality.

Canadian-made brands like Arctic Bay know what it is like to build something and share in the successes of our fellow Canadians. That is part of why we choose to produce with domestically sourced materials and fabrics. Not only because it is beneficial to the growth of a country’s economy, but it is also for the benefit of our environment as well.  

Canadian-Made and Canadian Designed

Let us be clear- some brands are Canadian designed while their products are manufactured using materials from elsewhere. But this isn’t about taking Canadian craftmanship out of the equation- it’s all about choosing the best materials and resources available to make high-quality winter gear. Some Canadian-designed winter coats may not be mass-produced with local materials, but they are created by Canadian designers for the same quality and comfort you need in our own beautiful but freezing winters.

We are proud to carry a wide selection of Canadian-made and designed winter coats produced right here in Canada, or conceived here, and made with domestically-sourced materials and fabrics. The brands include a variety of products but with the approaching winter, we are focusing on the brands carrying winter coats so those still searching for the ideal winter coat can choose a Canadian-made coat this season.

Arctic Bay Believes in Canadian Craftmanship 

When you purchase clothing from a brand that not only makes their garments in Canada, but also sources all their materials from Canada, you know you are getting premium-quality clothing. At Arctic Bay we believe in Canadian craftsmanship, which is why we follow our own mission.

  1. Sourced in Canada

We pride ourselves on creating garments that are made and sourced 100% in Canada and 

  1. Fur with a Conscience

All of our furs are purchased exclusively through NAFA auctions, ensuring that no endangered or threatened populations are ever affected by our production.

  1. Durability Tested

Each parka is made with our patent TrueNorth waterproof shell. Our jackets have also been tested for quality assurance from Downmark® and we are proud to show that each parka meets the highest standards for down products.

  1. Lifetime Guarantee 

Due to that level of dedication to quality and customer experience, we stand by each any every parka with our lifetime warranty

The Pride of Canadian Winter Coats

Arctic Bay is Canada grown, Canada inspired, and that is why we’re still in Canada today. We support providing hundreds of jobs throughout our community, and use locally sourced materials.

At the end of the day fashion and feature savvy consumers are willing to pay top dollar for “Made in Canada” winter jackets, because who knows winter like our designers? This is why it is so important to watch out for manufacturers who only claim to be Canadian-Made when the last thing they actually made in Canada was their logo. 

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