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10 Best Arctic Bay Winter Coats for Extreme Cold in 2021

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10 Best Arctic Bay Winter Coats for Extreme Cold in 2021

Coming in at #1 on our top ten list, there is a reason why we call this Nunavut parka the Champion Edition. It crushes the competition when it comes to the best combination of style and comfort. With a rugged, sturdy and travel-ready look, this Nunavat parka was specifically designed by Arctic Bay for a harrowing expedition to the South Pole to help explorers thrive in the most unimaginable environments. Needless to say, for extreme cold in 2021, you can’t do much better than this Champion Edition from Arctic Bay.

 2. Kimberly Parka

Our classic Kimberly parka is stunning, dramatic and compelling. Named after the breathtaking landscapes in the beautiful city of Kimberley, British Columbia, this extreme cold winter parka is a long coat built for timeless fashion and endurance. The exquisite diamond quilt pattern pulls the eye in, and the frame hugs the curves to keep things interesting. The Topstitched belt with leather buckle let you feel secure, while the 100% nylon lining is free hanging, lightweight and breathable, so you don’t feel smothered. Finally, the leather trimmed cuffs and Canadian coyote fur really set this beautiful piece off just right.

 3. Inuvik Limited Edition Bomber Jacket

Arctic Bay’s Inuvik Limited Edition Bomber Jacket makes it to #3 because it isn’t just about staying warm, but also looking cool. If you want to look like a hero, the bush pilots of Northern Canada are a great place to start, and this exclusive bomber jacket will keep you warm in some of the most serious temperatures in Canada. The Inuvik also offers unique mobility, leather-trimmed cuffs and pockets, along with black faux fur lined body interior for added insulation and comfort.

 4. Pearson Parka

The Pearson parka from Arctic Bay is one of the favorites on the list because of it’s fun and feisty attitude. This more compact design integrates the signature Canadian duck down insulation and moisture resistant protection of other Arctic Bay parkas with the versatility and mobility of a more casual winter jacket. Keep it fun and on the move with convenient pockets at the waist, while staying cozy with the face-framing hood with Canadian-origin coyote fur ruff. Plus, you get to try it out in a combination of colors for any mood.

 5. Antarctica Parka

Our Antarctica Parka looks and feels like a military jacket, mashed up with a luxury line of woolen coats perfect for relaxing at the lounge or braving the great outdoors. It easily lives up to the legacy of a frozen tundra it takes its name from with a temperature rating up to -45°C/-49°F. It is also the only mens parka in the entire Arctic Bay catalog that includes its own belt and buckle, to help you stay bundled up when adventures take you to the harshest conditions.

 6. Regina Parka

The Regina Parka is as innovative and interesting as the city that inspired it. It feels almost like the Pearson’s big sister, with a more streamlined look to the trim and pockets than other women’s parkas on this list. It sports a non-removable hood with our Canadian origin coyote fur ruff. It’s another item on the list that includes a top-stitched belt with leather buckle that doesn’t just keep out the cold, but helps create a body-framing silhouette that adds to that elegant minimalist aesthetic. 

 7. Cambridge

The Cambridge is the midweight parka that is perfect for anyone looking for something a little more cozy in a winter parka. Classic style and superior materials create a parka fit for any occasion. Between the comfort of a Primaloft filling unique in the Arctic Bay catalog, or the luxury details like the Canadian origin coyote fur ruff or the Canadian origin real beaver fur beard guard. The Cambridge is both cool and casual, with something different for those who want to add another Canadian classic to their collection.

 8. Bellevilla Parka

Our uniquely designed Belleville Parka is another long women’s winter coat, but with a sleek design that highlights its high class style, from the top of its fur-trimmed hood, to its bottom boot-top edge. But the Bellevilla takes protection from the elements even further with a higher nylon content that creates better tensile strength and durability. Coated with Dupon Teflon Shield+ water repellent finish.

 9. Toronto

With this ready-fo-anything look, our team at Arctic Bay aimed to embody the multicultural cosmopolitan city that is beautiful Toronto, Canada. This durable and versatile parka is perfect for any occasion, whether protecting you from the weather while working outdoors, keeping you comfortable at the hockey game with the crew, or having a night out with someone special. The 725 fill power of the Canadian duck down keeps the temperature rating up to Temperature rating up to -45°C/-49°F, so you can get out and about just about anywhere.

 10. Mirabelle Parka

Last but most certainly not least, the Mirabella parka is another long women’s winter coat that takes all the best elements of a more compact design and adds more protection and comfort. The Mirabelle gives us large welt pockets at chest for hand warming, along with more overall coverage on the body. Inspired by the city of Mirabel in Quebec, this windproof and waterproof design lets you get out and enjoy more of the winter while staying warm in even extreme cold temperatures.

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