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4 Big Benefits of Beaver Fur on Winter Jackets

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Luxury Brands and Beaver Fur

When you think of luxury winter coats, fur trim is just another staple of the highest quality style and craftsmanship. However, when a lot of people think of fur coats, beaver fur is probably not the first kind that comes to mind. Ironically, this particular material actually comes with some really incredible benefits that too often go overlooked.

On the other hand, true luxury brands believe in the value of using beaver fur. Did you know that no one used beaver fur in their winter coats except Arctic Bay and Tom Ford? So you might ask yourself- what makes this addition to our coat designs so special?


All Fur the Fashion

By now you’ve hopefully taken a look through our catalog (it’s never too late to start), and you will have seen that Arctic Bay utilizes a variety of premium furs for our reliable, comfortable and stylish winter jackets, parkas, and other accessories. Not only are these coats lined with some of the highest quality duck down feathers, but we also highlight areas of most of our products with furs, including: 

Antarctica Parka Blue- Arctic Bay  

 Aurora Parka Black- Arctic Bay

Inuvik Limited Edition Bomber Jacket- Arctic Bay 

  • Canadian white fox fur- as seen here with our Laval Parka

 Laval Parka Red- Arctic Bay

Each of these blends beautifully into the overall design of both men’s winter jackets and women’s coats, and we take pride in our eye for the cuts that keep you looking as good as you feel. But there is something else each one of these designs features- the incredible Canadian origin real beaver fur chin guard.

But why? What do you gain from that extra feature?


Benefits of Beaver Fur


Not only is the beaver fur lightweight, but it is also incredibly soft, like smooth velvet to the touch, especially when sheared. So with a winter jacket from Arctic Bay, you have something extra comfortable to rub your face into on those colder days.



Of course, the main reason for getting a coat with fur is that added warmth, and beaver fur is no exception to that rule. While having the longer guard hairs typically provides more coverage, even sheared down to the soft underfur provides animals with the most warmth for the coldest winter months.


3. Durable

With each of our jackets, the beaver fur is firmly attached to the pelt and is thick enough that you won’t have to worry about bald spots growing as the material wears down. With this level of durability, you can feel secure in your investment.


4. Water Repulsion

We all know that beavers spend their lives swimming through lakes and rivers, building complex wooden structures or just lounging around. As a result, nature has designed its fur to shed the water so the beaver can get the job done and stay comfortable. So you know with rain or snow, the beaver fur on our coats and parkas will last. 

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