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4 Reasons to Buy an Arctic Bay Jacket Before it Gets Cold

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4 Reasons to Buy an Arctic Bay Jacket Before it Gets Cold

With most of September already out of the way, and October bringing the Fall and Winter months back into view, we know that a lot of people are going to be getting back out into the world after a lot of time spent cooped up.

But with this new return to our routines, we also have to prepare for the cold, and Arctic Bay wants to do everything we can to help more people find better protection from the winter, that looks as amazing as it feels, before the cool days get here.

1. FREE Shipping

Everyone loves a little free gift here and there, and at Arctic Bay we thought the perfect way to give you a great gift just in time for winter would be a friendly reminder that you can access free shipping when you order an extreme winter parka or sturdy winter jacket. Made with dedication and care right here in Canada, we are happy to send your order wherever you are on the globe, without worrying about us tacking on any more fees for shipping.

2. FREE Arctic Bay Garment Bag: $50 value 

The free fun doesn’t stop with the shipping, because we also understand how important that it is for our awesome customers to protect their investment in a high-quality, premium winter jacket from Arctic Bay. After all, we put so much effort into designing our winter gear to be stylish as well as comfortable and durable, it only makes sense you want to keep your parka in pristine condition!

So, to help you gear up for a great winter- and keep your coat looking crisp and clean when the weather warms up- we are giving you a free Arctic Bay garment bag with your purchase. Valued at just over $50, this is a useful and exclusive accessory that really helps to seal the deal!

3. FREE Beanie Hat Made in Canada: $90 value

That’s right, we aren’t done giving you the kind of gifts we know will make this winter season a sure success! We are also helping you tie the whole outfit together with a free Beanie hat, another quality winter accessory made right here in Canada to give you even more protection against those harsh winter days ahead.

4. 25% OFF Your First Coat and 30% OFF a Second

It all can’t be free, but you can still secure some pretty sweet savings just before the winter rush rolls in. Right now if you want to purchase an Arctic Bay extreme winter parka, you can get your first coat for 25% OFF the original price. With our luxury Canadian made outerwear being some of the best protection from icy winds and chilling temperatures, our team wants to give even more people the opportunity to experience that kind of comfort, combined with such a stunning aesthetic. 

To see what option fits best for you, make sure to check out our line-ups:

But wait, because we’ve got even more amazing news! Arctic Bay is like family, and we believe that winter is always best spent with people we love. That is why for a limited time, when you purchase a second winter parka you will also receive 30% OFF the original price of that item. This is great for anyone who loves getting their holiday shopping done ahead of time, and it also gives you an excuse to treat yourself! 

With all these exciting offers available, there has never been a better time to shop for an Arctic Bay winter parka! Order your own parka for 25% OFF now, get your FREE beanie, FREE garment bag, and FREE shipping- plus get a gift for someone special for 30% OFF while you’re at it. We love letting our amazing customers save money, but this deal won’t be around forever, so get it before it gets cold!

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