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4 Reasons to Choose Arctic Bay’s Parkas

By Anil
Edited by Admin
4 Reasons to Choose Arctic Bay’s Parkas

When it comes to finding the right winter coat, there are a few brands to consider. Each brand claims to offer the best insulation, comfort and warmth, so how can you know if you are really making the best choice? Arctic Bay’s Canada winter parkas, coats, and jackets are premium items for a reason. In fact, here are four reasons why you should choose Arctic Bay’s parkas to keep you warm this season.


Canadian-Made & Inspired

All Arctic Bay’s men’s and women’s Canada winter jackets, coats, and parkas are made in Canada. Since Canadians know all too well of how cold winter can be, our manufacturers understand the need for each garment to have the highest quality materials. Each parka is named after a Canadian city to further show our Canadian roots. Some of the aspects of Arctic Bay’s parkas include coyote fur ruffs, beaver fur beard guards, and premium duck down. Too many brands today claim to be “Canadian” but aren’t. Their parkas may be “assembled” in Canada, but their materials and most of the production is done overseas. Not with Arctic Bay. Our parkas are 100% Canadian-made and designed and we plan to keep it that way.

Fashionable for City Wear

Warmth is a priority, but a little fashion goes a long way. Arctic Bay’s women’s and men’s winter jackets and parkas combine the two exceptionally well. This outerwear was inspired by Inuit culture, yet is designed with a modern look that makes it ideal for busy commuters in the city. Our parkas are lightweight and durable, which make them perfect for people who are always on-the-go and they provide the flexibility and non-restricted movement necessary for city life.


Perfect for Travelling


Whether you are commuting to work in the big city, or enjoying a winter vacation at the cottage, Arctic Bay’s winter parkas are perfect for sub zero and extreme weather conditions. Aside from the fur and down feather filling, the parkas are waterproof to keep out the snow and rain. Leather is also used for added insulation and a stylish look. These features keep wind and precipitation off your face whether you're skiing down the hill or taking a walk to the store. When travelling, it keeps your body heat inside, especially when you choose the right fit.


Options for the Entire Family


Another benefit of Arctic Bay is that our outerwear is perfect for the whole family. Many companies only focus on providing exceptionally good winter wear for adults and forget that children need to bundle up to stay warm too. Much like our premium men’s and women’s parkas, our kids’ parkas and snowsuits are made with premium Canadian duck down and a coyote fur ruff. Made in Canada, they are the ultimate winter tool to ensure that your little ones feel just as warm as you do on your outdoor adventures.


Get Premium Winter Gear at Arctic Bay


Whether you’re a daily commuter or vacationing up north, staying warm is one of your top priorities. Arctic Bay’s 100% Canadian-made arctic parkas for men and women’s down parkas are built with fashion and function in mind. With features like our beaver and coyote fur ruffs and beard guards, Downmark® certified fill, and our patent TrueNorth materials, we’re confident that we meet the highest standards for winter outerwear.


Are you ready to gear up to brave the freezing north with premium insulation and harsh weather resistance? Visit our online store today!


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