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5 Toasty Unique Winter Accessories for Adults That Are Made in Canada

By Anil
Edited by Admin
5 Toasty Unique Winter Accessories for Adults That Are Made in Canada

Choosing the right jacket to keep you warm during the winter is a no brainer thanks to all the options available. However, when it comes to accessories, some brands tend to take the shortcut. If you are looking for high-quality Canadian-made winter accessories that actually keep you warm, these unique options from Arctic Bay may be right for you.

Coyote Aviator Hat

Keeping your head warm during the winter is one of the most important parts of dressing for the weather but throwing on an old beanie may not be the look you’re going for. The good news is that you can stay very warm without compromising style! Instead of bringing out the same old knit beanie, give your head an upgrade with a coyote fur aviator hat. This ultimate accessory is made of real Canadian coyote fur and has a quilted lining to ensure your heat stays in.

Merino Wool Beanie

If an aviator hat isn’t your style, you can still enjoy the beanie look without compromising warmth. While cotton hats are affordable and readily available, the material wicks moisture and warmth away from your body. Instead of cotton, choose a hat made of 100% Merino wool! This wool provides superior warmth and breathability, plus you can get great designs with a fuzzy pompom!

Fox Fur Mitts

If you plan on spending more than 20 minutes out in the cold at any given time this winter, you’ll want to protect your hands with more than your pockets. Many people forgo gloves out of convenience, only to find their hands quickly freezing and turning hot pink as their body tries harder to keep their extremities warm. Instead of enduring the frosty discomfort of cold hands, wrap them in fox fur mittens. Choosing mitts with 100% Shearling sheep skin lining and a fox fur outer shell will keep your hands extremely warm, so you won’t need to stuff them in your pockets.

Fox Fur Scarf

Have you ever left your home in a rush only to feel the chill of icy wind around your neck? Be sure to bundle up with the right scarf this winter! A great luxury item with supreme warmth is a fox fur scarf. It is soft and feels great on the skin, but it works far better than knit scarves and other materials when it comes to keeping you warm.

Coyote Fur Aviator

If you like the warmth of real coyote fur, but also want an item that repels rain and snow, consider a hat that has both! With a polyester shell fabric material and coyote fur trim, an aviator hat will provide the comfort and warmth you want, and keep you dry as you commute during a snowstorm or hit the snow hills for winter sports.

Let Arctic Bay Keep You Warm this Winter

If you think these accessory ideas will keep you warm and pair nicely with your winter outfits, there’s a lot more where that came from! Arctic Bay’s Canadian-made parkas and accessories are perfect for the season, whether you’re shopping for yourself or a special loved one or friend. Our winter accessories and outerwear are made 100% in Canada and are inspired by our deep Canadian heritage.

When you choose premium outerwear by us, you will enjoy items that resist rain and snow, and help you look stylish as you stay warm. Our parkas have been Downmark® certified, so you can brave Canada’s frigid climate. Just visit our online store to shop today!

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