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Arctic Bay Donating 20 Percent of Online Sales to Help Fight COVID-19

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Arctic Bay Donating 20 Percent of Online Sales to Help Fight COVID-19

Starting today, May 1st, 2020, you can purchase a premiere winter coat from Canadian based business Arctic Bay that not only provides you with quality protection from the cold but also provides life-saving protection to a healthcare professional on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19!

Now more than ever, Canadians need to look after one another. In the midst of a global pandemic that has periodically placed the most powerful nations in the world on pause, we are seeing the people making a difference every day. In every province, there are community organizations and healthcare workers facing the pandemic every day to ensure quality care for the sick, and quality of life for those struggling in quarantine. 

That is why from May 1st to May 30th, 2020, 20 percent of the pre-tax purchase price from all online sales from the Arctic Bay website will be donated directly to support hospitals and healthcare workers around the world responding to COVID-19 in urgent need of supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

COVID-19 in Canada

To date, Canada has seen 53,236 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with a total of 3,184 deaths. Recent data shows Quebec leading with well over 26,000 cases, followed by Ontario with over 15,000 cases. Worldwide, cases of COVID-19 have surpassed 3.2 million, with over 1 million deaths. 

However, recoveries are also something to celebrate, with over 21,000 Canadians recovering so far from the illness. Additionally, reports indicate that the spread of the coronavirus is slowing overall in Canada, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stating just days ago, 

“You already know that if your neighborhood doesn’t have new cases, if your province is flattening the curve, this is a good sign.” 

Other good news on the horizon is that officials are in the process of plotting a course for re-opening businesses and putting life back into the Canadian economy, although some are still uncertain when those steps to lift lockdown restrictions should take place. Local governments have said recently that before the economy is reopened, there is a need for more testing and lower case numbers.

Meanwhile, as the country waits to see how soon it can reopen, there are still hospitals and healthcare professionals in need.

Giving Back with Arctic Bay

During this time of great need and uncertainty, no one in the community has sacrificed more or shown greater bravery in the face of adversity than our frontline healthcare providers. Therefore, we are dedicating all the proceeds of our online store sales to organizations that support those healthcare professionals. 

Right now, customers making any purchase on between May 1st to May 30th, 2020, will receive full information on their donation with each purchase:

  • 20 percent of proceeds from sales of Arctic Bay outerwear in Canada will be donated to The Sunny Brook Hospital.

Arctic Bay has always understood the importance of community. That is why all of our products are made in facilities right here in Canada, using the highest quality materials from Canada and the US. All of our success over the years is thanks to the value of Canadian made craftsmanship and the people of each province that support us. Now, we feel it is our duty to give back all that we can to the people who make that all possible.

This initiative includes all products from:

More About Arctic Bay 

The History of Arctic Bay began in mid-December 1965 in Montreal (Canada) as an enterprise for the production of women's clothing for teenagers and adults. The product range included shorts, pants, skirts, jackets, sweaters, suits, coats and cloaks. Over time, the company's products expanded to cover a wide range of clothing from underwear to outerwear, including accessories. 

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