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Arctic Bay’s Winter Parkas for Geologists and Geophysicists

By Anil
Edited by Admin
Arctic Bay’s Winter Parkas for Geologists and Geophysicists

It is important for the average person to stay warm during the winter, especially when temperatures dip below the freezing mark. What’s even more important is to ensure warmth for those who work outdoors during the winter—especially geologists and geophysicists who are exposed to harsh, rugged winter conditions. If you are drawing samples, studying, observing, and testing various materials and products of nature, staying warm is your best way of being productive and safe as you work. Here’s why you can trust Arctic Bay’s Canada winter parkas to keep you toasty throughout your expeditions and field work.


Parkas for Extreme Weather Conditions


At Arctic Bay, we have a history of keeping people warm—from the tip of the Arctic all the way down to the South Pole! In fact, in February 2018, Arctic Bay helped the X90X Expedition team brave the extreme winter conditions by providing them with a special edition, extra-warm Nunavut Champion parka. As the Canadian-led team went to the South Pole to test a customized hybrid vehicle to see its immense potential in such harsh conditions, the crew were safe and warm as they braved the frigid environment.


True Canadian Winter Parkas


Arctic Bay’s Canadian arctic parkas are designed for the chilling winters of the extreme North and South. The Nunavut parka, in addition to our selection of other Canadian-made parkas, is waterproof, windproof, and warmed with premium Arctic Bay down with 725 fill power. The unique design insulates the body, circulates inner heat, and blocks strong winds and snow. Our parkas for men and women also feature Canadian origin coyote and beaver fur ruffs, TrueNorth fabric shell, 100% nylon lining, and incredible temperature rating of up to -45° Celsius. Manufactured in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, these jackets are crafted to meet the highest quality standards and are fully sourced in Canada.


There are a variety of options to choose from, including winter jackets for men, women’s fur hood coats, and of course, the Nunavut parka, which was built to withstand the extreme cold of the South Pole. Whatever style or function you need to suit your expedition or outdoor work, Arctic Bay has the perfect Canadian-made parka for you.


Stay Warm All Winter with Jackets from Arctic Bay


If you’re a geologist, geophysicist, or a professional researcher that needs to work several hours outdoors, staying warm is essential for your productivity and health. When choosing a winter parka, it’s important to find a brand that uses quality materials that are built to last and that live up to the warmth standards required.


Arctic Bay’s winter jackets and parkas for men and women are made 100% in Canada, balancing function and purposeful styling essentials, so even if you aren’t planning on venturing to the South Pole, you’ll still find the perfect parka for your lifestyle.


Our inspiration comes from Canada’s deep heritage and our passion for all things Canadian. By creating premium outerwear that insulates, resists water and the harsh elements, and lasts for years, we’ve established ourselves to be one of the top choices for high-quality outerwear. Even better, our jackets have been tested for quality assurance from Downmark® and we are proud to show that each parka meets the highest standards for down products. You can brave any frigid climate with Arctic Bay outerwear! Just visit our online store today!

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