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Arctic Winter Parkas That Will Actually Keep You Warm

Arctic Winter Parkas That Will Actually Keep You Warm

February is here, which means winter is bringing forward its harshest snowstorms and coldest temperatures. If you haven’t already purchased a down parka, you may want to consider purchasing a Canadian arctic jacket or parka to keep you warm. Choosing the right Canadian-made parka can take some care and consideration. A good winter coat needs to be high-quality, provide enough room for you to wear layers underneath, fit your body the right way to prevent heat loss, and look great.  

What Is the Difference between a Jacket and a Parka?

The main difference between a jacket and a parka is the length. Parkas tend to be a longer fitting coat, and because of this, they offer more warmth. A longer coat will cover more of your body and retain more heat. Jackets, however, are often made with a shorter fit, to allow for more movement. The hem on a jacket usually ends at the waist, or just below. Although the area inside the jacket will remain very warm, you may prefer a Canadian arctic parka for the greater surface area it covers on your body. 

How Are Arctic Bay Parkas Different from Others?

Arctic Bay parkas are unique from other brands because we strive to create coats that combine luxury fashion and protection from the harshest of Canadian elements. We use materials that are designed to insulate in climates with temperatures reaching -55°C (-67°F). The technical features of our jackets and parkas are inspired by the Inuit people of Canada, who use special techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, to help them keep warm in these cold climates. Some of the materials we use include Canadian coyote fur and beaver trims, leather accents, 725 down power, lightweight construction with at 70% nylon and 30% cotton blend outer shell, authenticity hologram, YKK zippers, and unique starling characteristics for both men and women. This combination of craftsmanship, quality, warmth, and luxury is something you will only find at Arctic Bay. 
 ladies parka

Where to Buy Winter Parkas for Men/Women in the USA?

If you’re looking for the right winter parka for men, or a ladies’ parka or jacket, you’ll want to make sure your choices provide high-quality warmth, fashion, and functionality. Arctic Bay jackets and parkas for men and women are made 100% in Canada, balancing function and purposeful styling essentials. Our coats are inspired by deep Canadian heritage and our passion for all things Canadian. We pride ourselves on creating premium outerwear that insulates, resists water and snow, and lasts for years. The quality and exceptional design are unmatched, so you can look stylish and stay warm all winter. Even better, our jackets have been tested for quality assurance from Downmark® and we are proud to show that each parka meets the highest standards for down products. You can brave any frigid climate with Arctic Bay outerwear! Just visit our online store.
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Get your winter essentials covered with Arctic Bay! Warmest winter parkas and jackets for the whole family.

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