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Best Jackets Made in Canada for Extreme Canadian Winters

Best Jackets Made in Canada for Extreme Canadian Winters

Canadian Winter Calls for a Jacket Made in Canada

Throughout history, Canada has remained a popular attraction as a holiday destination, partly thanks to the diversity of terrain that is perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and other exciting outdoor activities. However, as much as the world loves Canada for the gorgeous cities and the adventurous wilderness, the extreme cold of winter in Canada can be a huge hurdle for the ill-equipped. In extreme Canadian winters, you can expect cold temperatures, with an average low of 24 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 4 degrees Celsius), and up to a foot of snow is just another walk in the park.

But don’t let the weather give you cold feet about enjoying all that Canada has to offer. If you want to be ready for both a night out in downtown Toronto or for a day on the slopes, these are some of the best jackets made in Canada for extreme Canadian winters!

Nunavut Parka for Men

Arctic Bay’s Canadian made parkas are specifically designed to endure the harshest winters of the extreme North and South. In fact, the Nunavut parka has been proven through some of the most extreme winter conditions during the Karelia Expedition, when Fedor Konyukhov and Viktor Simonov traveled through the North Pole to the South point of Greenland by dog sledding. 

This experienced parka’s TrueNorth fabric shell is waterproof, windproof, and warmed with premium Arctic Bay Canadian duck down with 725 fill power for an incredible temperature rating of up to -45° Celsius. The unique design with 100% nylon lining adds additional insulating for the body by circulating inner heat and blocks strong winds and snow, along with sporting a coyote fur-trimmed hood to keep the head and face warm. 

Aurora Parka for Women

For a women’s parka that can stand up against the cold while looking cool, the Aurora parka offers an unforgettable display of colour inspired by the natural phenomenon that has captivated the world for centuries. Feel free to embrace the full beauty of winter with a jacket that uses added-length to give extra protection and offer easy mobility. The Aurora winter parka blends some of the world’s top fabrics with Canadian design and workmanship, and that beautiful blue fox fur ruff helps keep those cheeks rosy while the rest of you stays comfy cozy.

Antarctica Parka for Men

Named after the southernmost continent, the Antarctica parka has a look that’s perfect for any man with a sense of style. It includes a military-inspired pocket and button look, wool exterior, and the warmth of premium Canadian duck down. Unlike many men’s wool coats that are hoodless, this parka has a non-removable hood, Canadian coyote fur ruff, and beaver chin guard for warmth in extremely low temperatures.

Kimberly Parka for Women

This women’s Kimberly down parka is the perfect choice piece to keep you warm while redefining the meaning of luxury outerwear. The Kimberly brings together some of the most eye-catching design aspects in the Arctic Bay catalog, like the striking diamond quilt pattern on body, 100% nylon free-hanging lining, the bright silver insulated interior, and the fluffy and soft Canadian coyote fur ruff. That 725 fill power and Canadian beaver fur chin guard take this design to the next level by providing the highlighted features that lock the heat in and let you look too hot to handle, all at the same time.

New Inuvik Bomber Jacket for Men

If you’re looking for a slightly lighter style of winter jacket made in Canada that still provides optimal heat and insulation in the extreme Canadian winter, the New Inuvik Bomber winter jacket for men is an excellent choice. Arctic Bay designed this slick and stylish model because we wanted to give our customers a highly-stylized winter coat that gave them freedom of mobility while still offering warmth in the coldest conditions in Canada. 

Mirabella Jacket for Women

If you want something that is both versatile and covers more of your body, this long winter jacket is the winning combination. Named for the beautiful city of Mirabel in Quebec, Arctic Bay’s Mirabella Parka leverages a more casual cut of luxury outerwear, while providing exceptional warmth you from the inside out with a long, finger-tip length jacket. Those front leather-trimmed hip pockets with snap closures give you a comfy place for hand warming and the windproof and waterproof shell give extra protection on top of a temperature rating of -45°C/-49°F.

Remember AFAB- Anything from Arctic Bay

In this article, we’ve highlighted some of our top-performing products for the winter season, but we want to provide a little peace of mind by assuring all of our customers that each parka and winter jacket made by Arctic Bay is specifically designed to be effective, comfortable, and fashionable in some of the brightest days and coldest nights that Canada has to offer.

So, if you are shopping around and see something you like, always remember AFAB- Anything From Arctic Bay- is ready to keep you warm. Between the awesome duck down we pack into every jacket and the quality of fabrics and features, every garment in our catalog is more than capable of meeting your needs, so you can focus on enjoying the brilliance and beauty of Canada. We hope to see you soon!

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