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Best Luxury Winter Jackets

Best Luxury Winter Jackets

As a chill fills the air and frost begins to form, the urge to bundle up arises. We reach for our winter coats to stand between us and the relentless Winter elements. However, there’s a certain warmth that only a little extra luxury brings from the inside out.


Not sure where to find the best state-of-the-art winter jacket to add closet? To make things easy and help you start your next shopping trip on the right foot, we have rounded up the top luxury winter jackets that should to be on your radar.

Antarctica Parka


Owing its namesake to the most bitingly cold yet breathtakingly beautiful place on earth, this unique winter jacket does more than enough to earn it. A wool shell holds a bountiful blend of Premium Canadian Duck Down, real beaver/coyote fur that’s rounded off by a chic 100% nylon lining. Combined with features such as telescopic sleeves, elasticized rib knit cuffs, and a snap-close wind flap, this military-inspired luxury winter jacket is a bona fide fortress come rain, wind, or storm. Moreover, careful detailing alongside contemporary features ensures this coat remains a timeless classic with a modern edge, making this one luxury coat that’ll – be it to the south pole or local shop - go the distance.

Toronto Parka


Toronto is the beating heart of Canada. A multicultural haven of action, innovation, and all things cosmopolitan – its influence waves ripple worldwide. Possibility, anticipation, and excitement fill the – let’s admit it – often unbearably cold air.


But that’s not a problem with the exquisitely-crafted Toronto Parka. Designed with the Toronto lifestyle in mind, this luxury winter coat naturally boasts a temperature rating up to -45°C/-49°F. So far, so good! Arctic Bay down is encased in


And just for you, there’s a little shoulder pocket that’s just the right size for a TTC pass – enjoy! 

Mirabella Parka


Aptly named for both its beauty and the city of Mirabel in Quebec, the Mirabella Parka offers a masterclass in luxury-chic design. But it’s not all beauty; the Mirabella also claims brawn. Guaranteed windproof and waterproof, the Mirabella Parka will see you through the Winter elements with graceful ease. From the tips of your fingers, through to its elegant silhouette, and all the way down to the flawless stitching along the nylon lining – the Mirabella Parka is the definition of perfection. Windproof and Waterproof with one of the highest temperature ratings available, the Mirabella Parka is the ideal all-in-one luxury winter companion.


Charlotte Parka


Deluxe design and history meet in this opulent Winter Jacket. Named for Charlottetown, PEI, the birthplace of the Canadian confederation, this jacket already comes with an interesting story. However, the Charlotte Parka has its own story to tell with its trim angled pockets and waist-defining detailing that gives way to an extended length that reaches just above the knees for an all-over defense against the cold. Looking higher, however, an explosion of (removable) luxurious black faux fur lines the hood, making for an eye-catching, stylish display that keeps the warmth locked well within. Windproof, waterproof, and with pockets to keep your hands toasty, the Charlotte Parka offers everything you need to write your story this Winter.


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