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Best Winter Coats for University and College Students

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Best Winter Coats for University and College Students

Whether commuting as the temperatures drop, running to class across a snow-covered campus, or staying active outdoors, many students have to face down the wintery elements year-over-year. That’s why a good Winter coat can be their best ally in keeping the elements at bay. 


To that end, most college students look for a once-off purchase when hunting down their ideal Winter coat. Quality, durability, style, and function all factor into the final choice. But since we know college students are busy, we’ve taken care of all these considerations so they don’t have to. So, listed below are what we deem to be the best Winter coats for university and college students.

Labrador Parka


Entirely fashionable and very on-trend, this casual Winter coat is ideal for the man who doesn’t want to compromise on warmth or style while maintaining a particular unshakeable ‘cool factor.’ Lined with nylon and filled with some of the warmest materials on offer, this Parka will keep you toasty as the mercury drops lower. A YKK two-way zipper means you’ll never get stuck and with a wealth of detailed and spacious pockets to choose from, fumbling around or patting down is no longer on your agenda.

Belleville Parka


Branded, padded, and customizable – this winter jacket is more than campus-ready. Made from the finest materials, including Premium Canadian Duck Down, this luxury winter jacket will ensure you’re the most stylishly toasty person no matter where you find yourself – bragging rights included. What’s more, with a wind flap, double toggle-chorded adjustable hood, and hidden side vent for mobility with snap closures, you can choose to keep the heat locked in or let it out so that you can adapt to altering temperatures without having to perform the put-on, take-off routine all day – perfect!

Kimberly Parka


All eyes are on you as the Kimberly Parka draws attention from near and afar. A natural chic edge lends itself to a casual appeal that’s perfect for commuting, campus, and anywhere in between. But, this powerful Parka isn’t just a beauty; it’s also a masterclass in functionality. Brimming with premium Canadian duck down and the fur of Baltic-native critters, warmth, and unparalleled insulation are guaranteed. Moving upwards, a world of fur-based comfort and style explodes around the lapel, lining the removable hood for a unique look that keeps the heat in. Finally, with channel quilted lining – you and your ultra-fashionable winter coat are ready for whatever the elements throw your way (just be sure to use the storm flap!)

Pearson Parka


Sometimes, getting to campus can feel like an excursion to the North Pole. Now, thanks to the Pearson Parka, you’ll be perfectly dressed for the occasion. Draw on this Parka’s insulative powers for the “still wrapped up in the duvet covers” effect. And enjoy the casual, no-fuss style that puts up an ice-cool front while a world of warmth whirls within. A fusion of Premium Canadian Duck Down and Canadian origin furs pack the coat’s interior while a water-resistant surface brings everything together. So, relax and slide your hands into the deep, waist-level pockets, assured that you’re both the most stylish and warm person on campus at once!

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