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Best Winter Coats for Walking

Best Winter Coats for Walking

As the cold sets in outside, it feels natural to retreat to the warm embrace of the indoors. Cabin fever sets in, and the itch to stretch our legs grows.


 For those who venture out, a world of wintery delights awaits. The temptation to breathe in the refreshingly crisp air as they take in the surrounding snow-covered views proves too much for some intrepid Winter-time adventurers.


So, for those who choose to march on in the face of the winter elements, we present a collection of the best winter coats for walking.

Kingston Jacket


The Kingston Jacket is a must-have among winter-walkers. The padded jacket’s water-resistant performance is matched only by its insulating power. Its Primaloft microfiber insulation is a highly innovative synthetic fiber that holds heat like never before, while a rib knit collar and careful detailing ensure you remain comfortably stylish. What’s more, spacious zipper pockets both on the interior and exterior of the jacket offer the perfect space for carrying small supplies or warming your hands on those nippier days. 

London Jacket


Keeping you toasty without weighing you down, the London Jacket holds snuggly to your body, giving you free range of movement to walk, hike, run and even climb as you please. This is a no-fuss, streamlined jacket with all the essentials (i.e., padding, spacious pockets, thermal insulation) so that you’ll be able to get the most out of your outdoor excursions while staying comfortable. 

Cambridge Jacket


The Cambridge Jacket may be beautifully stylish, but it’s also built to withstand frost effectively with its PrimaLoft insulation, meaning that no chills get past its light multi-layer design. A blend of polycotton and kasha fibers fills the jacket, turning it into a veritable forcefield against the cold. And while the protective hood with moldable wireframing may be non-removable, the stylish fur trim can be removed for a jacket that’s perfect for not just stretching your legs on the trails but all Winter occasions.

Montreal Jacket


As versatile as your adventures are varied, the Montreal Parka is ready to take on the Wintery world with you. An increasingly popular sight on trails and tracks worldwide, this all-in-one jacket leaves no stone unturned in terms of style and functionality. Comfortably light yet mind-blowingly insulative, the Montreal Jacket boasts a wealth of features, from a convenient shoulder-mounted stash pocket to a wind flap for extra protection.  

Aurora Parka


For when you want to take in the beauty of the outdoors, the Aurora Parks is here for you. In fact, the Parka’s design is inspired by the appreciation of the unique phenomena the colder months have to offer. A fur-lined hood tops the long body of the jacket that’s brimming with(()) And, just like the northern lights, the super-insulative jacket has multiple shades (5 to be exact!) So, take your pick and feel at ease stepping into the winter wonderland just outside your door. Oh, and don’t be fooled by the Aurora Parka’s more whimsical side, with a temperature rating up to -45°C/-49°F; this is one winter jacket that means business. 

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