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Best Winter Jackets by Temperature

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Best Winter Jackets by Temperature

There’s an assumption that the warmer and bulkier the Winter jacket, the better. Unfortunately, the result of this belief is often frustration, clamminess, and rapid zipping down before the jacket is tossed to the side in pursuit of a winter jacket that acclimates to you – not the other way around. 


The solution? Making the right, temperature-appropriate choice the first time around. Offering a helping hand with this task, we’ve created a helpful list of winter jackets by temperature – take your pick!


Mild Temperatures

Kingston Jacket


The Kingston Jacket is just right for those slightly nippy days. While traditional puffer jackets might leave you a bit cold on those early Winter days, the Primaloft microfiber thermal insulation generates heat while the elasticized rib knit cuffs and collar hold it in. Seeing you through those milder days, the Kingston Jacket also offers substantial protection from the rain and wind, keeping you comfortable and at ease to continue on with your day no matter what. What’s more, the Kingston Jacket is a paragon of modern winter jacket style with its streamlined silhouette and puff detailing, making this the perfect addition to your year-round wardrobe.


Sub-zero Temperatures

Cambridge Jacket


As Arctic Bay’s best warmth-for-weight jacket, the Cambridge parka is a fantastic feat of clothing engineering. A mix of polycotton and nylon is bolstered by Canadian-origin real beaver and coyote fur that traps and holds heat with ease. This heat-holding effect is only compounded by Primaloft filling that makes for a comfortable, breathable fit to see you through those icier days. And, for those windier days, this highly-versatile jacket has just the solution: in-hood moldable wiring that allows you to frame the fur-lined hood for optimal warmth and protection.


Arctic-caliber Temperatures

Nunavut Champion Limited Edition Parka



As the Canadian-led X90X Expedition set their sights on the South Pole, they knew they’d be in need of titan winter coats. And for their needs, this ultimate winter coat was masterminded. Created with the coldest climate on earth in mind, the Nunavut Champion Parka is a master class in keeping extreme weather conditions at bay.


Brimming with premium Canadian Duck Down (725 fill power) alongside a blend of Canadian-origin real beaver and coyote fur, it doesn’t get any warmer than this wintertime must-have. And, with a temperature rating up to -45°C/-49°F, there’s nowhere you won’t be able to venture this winter.

Alaska Parka


Crafted with the spectacular US state in mind, the Alaska Parka is a natural at keeping the cold out while holding the heat in. Filled with some of the world’s most insulative materials (including the fur of animals native to Baltic areas,) this luxury Parka guarantees heat. In addition, a moldable in-hood framing wire, double toggle hood drawstring, telescopic sleeves with elasticized rib knit cuffs, and wind flap all make this winter jacket a fortress against extreme winter elements. And the cherry on top? Thanks to careful detailing, the Alaska Parka is right on-trend and incredibly chic, keeping you warm and cozy in style. 

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