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Brave the Day with Arctic Bay

Brave the Day with Arctic Bay

Introduction to Arctic Bay 

If you are new to our site, or just want to learn a little more about what makes Arctic Bay so special in a world full of brands claiming to be Canadian made, we invite you to read more of our story.

Arctic Bay is a fusion of the harsh Canadian Arctic cold and an incredible obsession for the finest in luxury fashion. It is from this balance of protection from the harshest of Canadian elements and purposeful styling essentials, coupled with our deep Canadian heritage and passion for all things Canadian, which has brought Arctic Bay to life. Our collection of extreme cold winter parkas made in Canada feature designs for men, women, and children that combine essential technical features with a comfortable build and high-class aesthetic.

Arctic Bay’s global expansion is on it’s way with the next major goals being: entering the South American market, expanding its European presence and becoming an even more prominent brand in Asia. Despite 2020 being such a challenging year all across the globe, Arctic Bay was proud to see expanded sales in various markets, including Japan! Needless to say, we look forward to seeing ongoing growth in 2021 as we continue to provide the highest quality in winter outerwear.


Part of telling you where we are going as a brand means telling you where we came from.

The History of Arctic Bay began in mid-December 1965 in Montreal (Canada) as an enterprise for the production of women's clothing for teenagers and adults. In 2005, the company was revived by a new management team led by Val Grydko. The new team produced their first collection of women's and men's down clothing in 2005. This collection included feather coats, parkas and bombers. Each model was named in honor of the 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada.

Today, in 2021 we continue to place priority on crafting the highest quality winter jackets and parkas that our customers know and love. For over 15 years we have produced all of our Arctic Bay winter parkas in Canada, staying true to our Made in Canada label while many companies took production overseas for cheaper labor. Our Winnipeg factory has become the heart of our organization, and thanks to our expanded list of retail partners and online shopping resources, we have created a strong A/B Community that helps us continue to grow.


At Arctic Bay, our goal is to ensure that customers get the warmest, most comfortable, durable, and dependable winter jacket or parka, while also providing a luxury look you won’t see anywhere else! That is why we don’t mass produce our garments with whatever cheap materials we can find. Every element that goes into each piece from our collection is chosen for quality, not for price.

The technical features of Arctic Bay jackets are inspired by the Inuit people of Canada who use special techniques that have been passed down by generations to stay warm in harsh climates. Arctic Bay is unmatched in terms of craftsmanship, quality, warmth and luxury. With one of our extreme winter parkas, you will be just as warm and comfortable whether you’re driving to the office or trekking through the Arctic tundra. Check out some of our best options from our catalog of men’s winter jackets.

Arctic Bay jackets feature the industry’s largest and warmest premium Canadian Coyote fur and Beaver trims as well as 725 down power. Each component is carefully selected from the best fur and down suppliers available in the market, while being ethically sourced to ensure no species is ever put at risk for our furs. Browse our catalog of women’s winter jackets to see some of those beautiful furs applied to some of our most luxurious and elegant designs.

All Arctic Bay products feature a light-weight construction with a 70% nylon and 30% cotton blend outer shell, branded breathable lining and zip fasteners from the top producers because real luxury today is having a high-quality product that lasts.

Interested in a Partnership?

As we mentioned before, our partnerships with retailers is part of what makes the A/B Community such a powerful force for growing our business and making an impact in our community. That is why we are always looking forward to meeting new partners that can help us spread the story of Arctic Bay, giving more shoppers a quality winter garment experience from a brand that values quality and craftsmanship over easy profits.

Our active partnership with resellers and distributors employs the following models: Distribution agreement with marketing support Brand collaboration, including co-branded products and joint efforts in marketing. If you are interested in a partnership, please do not hesitate to contact us by going here

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