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Enjoy Ethically Sourced Luxury Fur with Arctic Bay Winter Jackets

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Enjoy Ethically Sourced Luxury Fur with Arctic Bay Winter Jackets

We know that is always evolving, pulling inspiration and innovation from our shifts in culture and community. However, there are definitely elements in every outfit that carry a legacy. In fact, we often find ourselves abandoning the more modern trends to rekindle that retro feeling of a classic pair of jeans or a favorite throwback t-shirt. Some things just always seem to look and feel great, and the same is true of high-quality, luxury furs.

The Ethics of Arctic Bay Winter Jackets with Fur

Even with more sensitivity to the environmental impact on wildlife, fur is still very much an enduring mark of high-end fashion. In fact, thanks to more people being conscious about where clothing manufacturers get their fur, there is a higher demand for ethically sourced materials that leave a more positive impact. 

That is why Arctic Bay ensures that our fur stands for principles over profi, sourcing each kind of fur for our luxury winter parkas exclusively at NAFA auctions. This way, buyers can be confident their comfortable fur-trimmed collar is never from an endangered or threatened population. 

So what kind of ethically sourced luxury furs does our catalog include?

Canadian Coyote Fur

The coyote fur featured in pieces are ethically sourced from wild coyotes ONLY from Alberta and Saskatchewan. This colorful and comfy feature helps to keep your face and head warm, and is found in many of our extreme winter parkas, including examples from:

Mens Catalog:


Womens Catalog:

The comfy and classic look of ethically sourced Canadian coyote fur is also included in our Kids Snowsuit and the Rocky Parka for kids, because even the little ones need that extra warmth on those extremely cold days.


Origin White Fox Fur

Nothing quite stands out so brilliant on an Arctic Bay extreme winter parka like the white fox furs we use exclusively for some of the more elegant designs from our women’s catalog. A perfect example of combining versatile function with high fashion is the women’s Laval parka. These stunning white fox furs come from Finland and the European Fur Auction.

Black Arctic Fox Furs

Another bold and unique look from Arctic Bay includes Black Arctic Fox fur, which for now is found exclusively for items in the men’s catalog of extreme winter jackets. Two of the stand-out performers from these categories include:

Blue Fox Fur

The Aurora Parka is so unique to our entire portfolio of extreme cold parkas and durable winter jackets because it features Blue Fox Fur ruffs. The Aurora Parka is a beautiful streamline design, and it even includes the next big fur feature we are going to talk about- beaver fur!

Beaver Fur

Arctic Bay even utilizes these luxury fur details for something that most brands are not willing to invest in. For instance, one thing that makes Arctic Bay so unique is we are the only coat company using canadian beaver fur for coats and parkas. Canadian origin real beaver fur beard guards are an unbelievably comfortable feature included in most of our extreme cold parkas for men, including examples like:


But ladies aren’t left out, as we also include beaver fur in many of our women’s winter jackets as chin guards. Some examples of items with this awesome feature include: 

Fur Accessories

No fur look is quite complete without the matching fur accessories that keep bring the style full-circle, while keeping your head, face, and hands from the cold. The Arctic Bay catalog includes several accessories accented by quality fur trim, while others are wrapped full on in fur. If you’re looking for the perfect combinations and want to go with a softer look, we suggest accessorizing with:

Or, you can go for a more fierce and contrasted look with our fox fur accessories, including:

As you can see, we have made it a point to utilize the finest in quality fur to help provide a classic and comfortable element to an innovative and durable style of winter outerwear. We know that functionality and integrity matter more than cutting corners, so Arctic Bay is committed to creating garments that offer maximum protection, while also looking amazing and showing off some of those timeless styles that never lose their hold on us.

To learn more about how Arctic Bay cares about ethics in our materials, read here


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