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How Should a Winter Coat Fit?

How Should a Winter Coat Fit?

No matter where you’re enjoying the cold winter season, a warm and comfortable winter jacket is essential. Some of us are a lot more sensitive to the cold, while others are always ready to brave any storm. There are those who only look for what is practical, and those who want to make a statement with their stylish outerwear. But no matter who you are, the best winter jackets are the ones that fit just right.

Remember, it is a lot easier for a jacket to keep you warm when it hugs you how it’s supposed to. So how do you make sure the winter coat you’re buying is right for you?


The Importance of Air Circulation

In order to provide warmth, the air inside the jacket must be able to circulate. If you get a winter coat that sits to tight against you, you’ll most likely end up with cold because there is nowhere for the air to circulate to produce warmth.

Winter jackets are often insulated with down, synthetic, or simply lined with a cozy material such as fleece. With Arctic Bay, all of our luxurious winter jackets are insulated with Premium Canadian Duck Down, making them superior to synthetic fills.

When it comes to insulation, having good air pockets provide space for air to circulate and create warmer air. Keep in mind, there are also bad air pockets that create too much space for circulation, meaning it cannot effectively warm the area. Examples of bad air pockets include bulky folds, creases, and jacket hems from ill-fitting coats. 


Should I buy a coat one size bigger?

Something to keep in mind when shopping for that perfect winter jacket is that when you layer up, you might lose some of that extra space on the inside. Therefore, a lot of people tend to look for a jacket one size bigger than their regular size. There are plenty of arguments for and against this practice, but it is important to know that bigger is not always better.

If a coat is too big it cannot insulate as efficiently as a coat with the right fit. So if you are looking to size-up your purchase, keep in mind you want to avoid those bad air pockets we mentioned before. Don’t overdo it. 


How tight should a down jacket fit?

Just as with an oversize coat, if your winter jacket is too tight it loses its ability to properly protect you from the bitter cold. Remember, particles and materials that make up the insulation inside your jacket are made up of those good air pockets that create warmth. If a jacket is too tight in certain parts of your body, the insulation can become compressed. And when this compression happens, there is no open space for the pockets to accumulate air and create insulation.

Additionally, a jacket that is too tight restricts your mobility. Make sure your down jacket hugs you close enough to keep you warm, without overwhelming the insulation.


Best Fits From Arctic Bay

Arctic Bay specializes in creating Canadian made premier winter coats and parkas that provide optimal comfort with a high fashion look. For the best fits of our most exclusive pieces, we've created the True Fit sizing system. For some of the best fits, we'd like to recommend:


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