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See Why Arctic Bay is the Better Brand for Winter Parka Made in Canada

See Why Arctic Bay is the Better Brand for Winter Parka Made in Canada

First, see what our customers are saying...

We believe that the A/B Community is filled with the best customers in the whole world, and many are telling us how much they love our amazing winter parkas. If you really want to know why Arctic Bay is the better brand for extreme cold winter jackets made in Canada, you don’t have to take our word for it! You can always see what our customers have to say by checking out our reviews here!

And if you need more convincing, we can think of more than a few great reasons Arctic Bay can easily outperform our competition.

Durable shell for shielding the elements...

Starting from the outside, the first thing you may notice with our striking and stylish Arctic Bay jackets and parkas is that each is wrapped in a durable shell made of premium water, wind, and stain-resistant fabrics. A combination of Canadian, Swiss and American fabrics with higher nylon content adds enhanced tensile strength. To give it even more protection, some design shells are also coated with Dupon Teflon Shield+ water repellent finish.

Breathable and lightweight nylon lining...

Extreme winter parkas made in Canada by Arctic Bay are carefully crafted from materials we source from premium providers, with each piece carefully crafted to highlight the advantages to these materials, from the protective outer shell to the incredibly breathable nylon lining. Other top brands like Canada Goose and Moose Knuckle also use a nylon lining, but neither brand has made it as breathable and lightweight as Arctic Bay. 

Candian duck feather down for superior insulation...

Arctic Bay has always been proud to be part of the Canada Down Association, because we appreciate the importance of comfortable and effective insulation. We use the absolute best of premium Canadian duck down the market has to offer, giving our winter jackets an parkas exceptional with heat retention, in a form that is easily compressed for traveling and appropriate for both freezing cold temperatures and moderate sunny weather. Most competitors don’t even come close to this kind of fill power.

Canadian coyote fur and other luxury trims... 

Our parkas and winter jackets are the best brand for Canadian made outerwear, not only because of their efficiency in keeping you warm in the harshest Canadian winters, but because we’ve also never chosen to sacrifice style. High quality fur continues to show our commitment to high fashion, including Canadian coyote fur available on nearly all of our mens and womens winter parkas, and Canadian beaver and Canadian Fox furs incorporated into several stunning designs. Of course, all of these are exclusively sourced through NAFA auctions.

Technical Highlights

For some people, it is all about the little details and components that you didn’t know you always needed. Arctic Bay doesn’t just put the extra emphasis on our premium duck down or our incredibly durable shell, we also took the time to perfect the little things, like adding top quality leather from Montreal, reliable zippers from RiRi and YKK, and even the exclusive hologram Arctic Bay patches to prove you’re wearing an authentic piece of craftsmanship from Arctic Bay. 

Known for quality customer service...

If you took the time to read and of the reviews we mentioned above, then you will know how much Arctic Bay cares about our customers as much as we do our products. But that amazing customer service experience doesn’t end with your final product. We’ve done everything to provide customers with a seamless experience, including adding resources to the online store to make shopping for the better brand of winter jacket even easier, including:

Looking for the better brand of Canadian Made winter parka? Look no further.


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