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What Does It Mean to Be “Made in Canada”?

By Anil
Edited by Admin
What Does It Mean to Be “Made in Canada”?

Many companies advertise that their products are “Made in Canada”… but what does that really mean? A lot of people may not be aware that the Canadian government has specific regulations about how much of the source material and assembly of a product needs to come from Canada for it to be considered a truly Canadian item. At least 51% of the total direct costs of production and manufacturing must occur in Canada for a product to be labelled “Made in Canada,” and 98% for of the manufacturing and production costs must be in Canada for it to be legally advertised as a “Product of Canada”. Here's what you need to know about Arctic Bay’s winter parkas and what makes us a truly Canadian brand.


The Deception of “Made in Canada”


Today's consumers are far more conscious than they have ever been. With information so readily available online, it's easier to find out where a brand originates its materials and handles its manufacturing processes. Consumers want to know the truth. They want to know what is going into their products and where those materials come from. The unfortunate reality is that many companies claim to be Canadian when their production and materials are sourced outside the country in places like Vietnam and other places in Asia. When looking for Canada winter parkas for men and women, it’s important to choose a brand that manufactures as honestly as they advertise.


A Truly Canadian Brand


Consumers are willing to pay top dollar for “Made in Canada” winter jackets, which is why it is so important for manufacturers to be honest when they make these claims. Arctic Bay was born in Canada and has stayed in Canada since. Our jackets, coats, and parkas are 100% manufactured in our Winnipeg factory, we support the local economy by providing jobs and using local materials, and each of our garments is designed and crafted to the highest quality standards.


Why makes us truly Canadian? We use Canadian coyote fur, blue fox, silver fox, and beaver fur from NAFA, meaning we ensure our fur is ethically sourced. We are the only company that uses Canadian beaver fur.  We also use down feathers from the Canadian Down and Feather Company. These quality materials provide a practical and fashionable solution to cold winds, freezing temperatures, and snow. Inspired by Canadian heritage and a passion for all things Canadian, Arctic Bay uses the latest technologies to continuously improve their Canadian parkas and jackets to provide customers with quality assurance.

Get Genuine 100% Canadian Winter Gear at Arctic Bay


If you’re looking for a men’s or women’s down parka for the winter, but want items that are a Product of Canada, Arctic Bay has the gear you need. Our women’s and men’s parkas and coats are made 100% in Canada, they stand the test of time and have been tested for quality assurance from Downmark®. Our exceptional customer service and warranty is there for you if there are any issues. You can brave the coldest winters with Arctic Bay outerwear; just visit our online store!

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