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Why Being “Made in Canada” is so Important to Arctic Bay

Why Being “Made in Canada” is so Important to Arctic Bay

Because “Made in Canada” Means Something

One of the most essential elements of the Arctic Bay brand identity is honoring our Canadian roots. It is why we made the beloved red maple leaf of the Canadian flag the focal point of our logo, and why we have created a space for the A/B Community to help us support local causes that impact all Canadians. We craft each of our premiere parkas to withstand extreme winter cold, while also being out in front of the hottest fashion, and we have committed to doing it all right here in Canada.

That “Made in Canada” mark gives Arctic Bay the bragging rights to be included in one of the most famous and respected spaces in the outerwear industry, and it means something to us that is worth more than the money we might be saving by sending our business anywhere else. When looking for the best men’s winter jackets made in Canada, or the best Canadian made jackets for women and kids, look no further than Arctic Bay.

It Isn’t Always Easy Being Made in Canada

As a matter of fact, over time it has become increasingly difficult for many companies to continue production in Canada. Back in 2013, many publications were discussing how the Canadian-made garment industry was quickly becoming the victim of new trade practices that made it harder for apparel manufacturers to operate within their respective provinces. 

Due to policy changes over the years, the global giants have tightened their grip on much of the clothing retail marketplace. It’s easier for them to sell marked down items, because they’re mass producing cheaply made garments in factories halfway across the world for a fraction of the price.

According to Statistics Canada, between 2010 and 2018, the number of Canadians in clothing manufacturing fell by 22%. 

Other statistics show that from 2002 to 2015, the sector's contribution to gross domestic product dropped by nearly 70%. Meanwhile, the portion of clothes actually being made on Canadian soil plummeted from 40% in 2004 to just 15% in 2011, and then less than 5% in 2015. Today, experts predict it is likely to be even lower.

This is partly because Canadian brands attempting to rival the luxury winter jackets and accessories produced by Arctic Bay have gradually moved their production overseas. Now, even as brands claim to be Canadian, their manufacturing is being outsourced to cheap labour in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, or Cambodia. At this point, the only thing Canadian about most competitors is the office where the executives get their emails.

Arctic Bay is Proud to Stay Canadian Made

Despite the drastic differences in production costs, Arctic Bay continues to stay in Canada. When our labels say “Made in Canada”, we mean it. While most companies are happy to cut their costs and take their factories out of the country, we are committed to staying rooted right here. After all, who knows high-end outerwear and winter jackets for the extreme cold better than Canadians? 

Materials that Earn the Mark

With every Arctic Bay winter parka, you know that the materials and the craftsmanship is up to the true standards of the “Made in Canada” marker. When creating our Canadian winter coats, we use Canadian coyote fur, blue fox, silver fox, and beaver fur from NAFA, meaning we ensure our fur is ethically sourced. In fact, Arctic Bay is actually the only company that uses Canadian beaver fur. To make sure our extreme winter parkas can withstand the worst winter has to offer, each jacket is insulated with quality down, which is provided locally by feathers from the Canadian Down and Feather Company. 

Contributing to the AB Community

Another reason we care so much about making all of our garments and accessories in Canada is the contribution we get to make to the AB community. Not only do we actively look for ways to engage and give back at the grassroots level, but our factories proudly employ a Canadian workforce, which lets us give back to the local economy even more.

Some of the Best Styles

Being Canadian made also allows Arctic Bay to offer some of the best styles in luxury winter coats and parkas, while incorporating the technical features that turn even the most elegant and attractive outerwear into reliability and comfort you can always count on from a truly “Made in Canada” company.

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