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Why Should You Buy Canadian-Made Products?

By Anil
Edited by Admin
Why Should You Buy Canadian-Made Products?

There are many parka and outerwear brands that claim to be Canadian and built for the true north climate, but how genuine are those statements? What is it about a brand that makes it truly Canadian? What features of winter jackets for men and women’s parkas and coats make them ideal for freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and icy winds? Here’s what you need to know about what makes Arctic Bay a truly Canadian brand, and why you should buy Canadian-made parkas this winter.


Transparency of Where Your Clothes Originate

Many brands on the market today tend to keep the origins of their clothing in a safe. The unfortunate reality is that many of these popular fast fashion brands have unethical manufacturing arrangements that offer unfair wages and unhealthy working conditions. Plus, many of these brands create products that are poorly made, causing harm to both workers and the environment. Knowing exactly where each aspect of your clothing comes from will help you make the right decisions about what you buy. With Arctic Bay, you can ensure you are shopping from a brand that uses premium materials sourced from Canada and manufactured at our factory in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Support the Local Economy


As part of Arctic Bay’s brand values, we focus on building long and lasting relationships with the Arctic Bay community; after all, our name is an acknowledgement and tribute to the Canadian landscape and all it has to offer. We are proud to donate various garments, ranging from jackets and scarves, to vests and hats to rural communities in Canada. As a small company, we value honesty and transparency and enjoy supporting the local economy and community. We recognize the goodwill and prestige Canadians have all around the world, particularly when it comes to made-in-Canada garments. Since we manufacture our products in Canada, local citizens can also find job opportunities.


High Quality Standards


When you purchase clothing from a brand that not only makes their garments in Canada, but also sources all their materials from Canada, you know you are getting premium-quality clothing. At Arctic Bay, we pride ourselves on creating garments that are made and sourced 100% in Canada and we stand by each any every parka with our lifetime warranty. We buy our furs exclusively at NAFA auctions to ensure that endangered or threatened populations are not affected, and each parka is made with our patent TrueNorth waterproof shell. Our jackets have also been tested for quality assurance from Downmark® and we are proud to show that each parka meets the highest standards for down products.


Choose Arctic Bay’s Canadian-Made Parkas This Winter


If you’re looking for a men’s or women’s down parka for the winter, but want a brand that has high quality standards, Arctic Bay is a brand you can trust. Our parkas are designed for frigid weather and include features that protect you from harsh weather and keep you insulated and warm. Our garments are the perfect balance of function and style, and we find our inspiration in true Canadian heritage. We create jackets that stand the test of time thanks to our patent TrueNorth fabric and offer exceptional customer service. Plus, our limited lifetime warranty means that all parkas purchased from authorized dealers or from our online store are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. You can brave the coldest winters with Arctic Bay outerwear; just visit our online store!


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