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The 5 Best Parkas for 2020

The 5 Best Parkas for 2020

By Anil0 comments
Winter is here in the north and many are seeking new Canadian arctic parkas and jackets to keep them warm from the snow, wind, and freezing temperatures. Whether you need a jacket for the daily commute to work or to keep your child warm as they play at school, choosing a high-quality ...Read more...
What Does It Mean to Be “Made in Canada”

What Does It Mean to Be “Made in Canada”?

By Anil0 comments
Many companies advertise that their products are “Made in Canada”… but what does that really mean? A lot of people may not be aware that the Canadian government has specific regulations about how much of the source material and assembly of a product needs to come ...Read more...
Why Should You Buy Canadian-Made Products

Why Should You Buy Canadian-Made Products?

By Anil0 comments
There are many parka and outerwear brands that claim to be Canadian and built for the true north climate, but how genuine are those statements? What is it about a brand that makes it truly Canadian? What features of winter jackets for men and women’s parkas and coats make them ...Read more...
4 Reasons to Choose Arctic Bay’s Parkas

4 Reasons to Choose Arctic Bay’s Parkas

By Anil0 comments
When it comes to finding the right winter coat, there are a few brands to consider. Each brand claims to offer the best insulation, comfort and warmth, so how can you know if you are really making the best choice? Arctic Bay’s Canada winter parkas, coats, and jackets are premium ...Read more...

3 Types of the Best Winter Jackets

By Arctic Bay0 comments
As the winter settles in, staying warm in the coldest months of the year is a daily necessity. Even if you’re not carving your way through snowy slopes, you still need something to keep you out of the chill, especially for those nights out on the town. Luckily, there are several ...Read more...

How Should a Winter Coat Fit?

By Arctic Bay0 comments
How Should a Winter Coat Fit?No matter where you’re enjoying the cold winter season, a warm and comfortable winter jacket is essential. Some of us are a lot more sensitive to the cold, while others are always ready to brave any storm. There are those who only look for what is practical, ...Read more...

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