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How Should a Winter Coat Fit?

By Arctic Bay0 comments
How Should a Winter Coat Fit?No matter where you’re enjoying the cold winter season, a warm and comfortable winter jacket is essential. Some of us are a lot more sensitive to the cold, while others are always ready to brave any storm. There are those who only look for what is practical, ...Read more...
Making an Investment in Luxury Winter Jackets for Men dsc 8889 1

Making an Investment in Luxury Winter Jackets for Men

Luxury Winter Jackets for Men in Canada A winter jacket in Canada is not just a luxury, it is a necessity. Most men do not like to purchase a new winter jacket every other season - they want a winter jacket that is functional and will last. Purchasing a luxury winter jacket is ...Read more...
Finding the Best Luxury Winter Jackets in Canada dsc 8191

Finding the Best Luxury Winter Jackets in Canada

Investing in Luxury Winter Jackets in Canada Owning a great winter jacket can literally be the difference between merely tolerating winter and thriving in it. Whether you spend the majority of your time outside just walking to your car, or if you choose to embrace winter by partaking ...Read more...
Conquer Winter with Canadian Made Down Parkas dsc 8697 1

Conquer Winter with Canadian Made Down Parkas

Canadian Made Down Parkas for Life in Canada In a country known for its harsh winters, what do Canadians look for when considering a new winter jacket or parka? Obviously, warmth is essential and its importance cannot be overstated. In some areas of Canada, winter temperatures ...Read more...
Finding the Best Canadian Made Down Jackets dsc 0440

Finding the Best Canadian Made Down Jackets

The Benefits of Canadian Made Down Jackets Down jackets in Canada are popular choices because they are extremely versatile and effective at combating all types of potential winter conditions. The use of both goose and duck down in winter jackets remains the most widely used and ...Read more...
Warm Down-filled Jackets Canada Warmth and Comfort dsc 6974

Warm Down-filled Jackets Canada: Warmth and Comfort

Warm down-filled jackets in Canada have been a staple since the country was formed. In fact, down has been used in jackets as far back as the 1600’s in Russia. They were far from stylish, but the purpose was fulfilled. Today’s down jackets are a must-own for every Canadian. Canadian ...Read more...
Luxury Kid’s Jackets Canadian Duck Down dsc 1103

Luxury Kid’s Jackets: Canadian Duck Down

When it comes to luxury kid’s jackets, there are a few things to keep in mind. Kids are a little rougher on their clothing, which is why durability is vital. The materials used should be top quality, and the cold rating for the jacket should reflect the harsh Canadian winters. Reputable ...Read more...
Luxury Down Jackets Winter Defense dsc 1288

Luxury Down Jackets: Winter Defense

When it comes to opulence, nothing beats luxury down jackets. While something of an investment, there are options available made from truly exceptional materials. High fashion down jackets are relatively new. In the past, down jackets were made with function only in mind. These days, ...Read more...
Kids Down Filled Snowsuits Keep them Warm dsc 1778 1

Kids Down Filled Snowsuits: Keep them Warm!

Kids down filled snowsuits are the absolute best way to keep children warm during the long, cold, Canadian winters. It’s easy enough to be fooled into thinking that all snowsuits are created equally. After all, it’s probably been a little while since you’ve worn one. Think on that ...Read more...

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